Mauna Kea Coin Contest 2012

Grades K – 4 Winners

1st place: Roman Usuda
Waiakea Elementary School, grade 4

Combination of constellations above observatories on top of Mauna Kea with a boy and a girl peeking into the night skies through a telescope. Coconut tree reflexes the Polynesian cultures. (Pihana)

Good imagination and showing youth viewing through telescope looking up at sea level. Telescopes on Mauna Kea and constellations are shown. Very well done! (Rice)

Wonderful use of cultural and astronomical elements. I especially enjoyed seeing students looking at the sky with the observatories and Makali`i (the Pleiades star cluster). (Laatsch)

2nd Place: Raquel Ross
Waiakeawaena Elementary School, grade 3, Mrs. Turner

View from sea level on board a canoe, to the top to the summit of Mauna Kea with a comet, stars, and mahina (the Moon) in the sky. The Moon is very important in Hawaiian culture. Honu (turtle) in the ocean with humuhumunukunukuapua`a fish connects the legends of Hawai`i. (Pihana)

Good job showing connection with navigation of wa`a (canoe), humuhumunukunukuapua`a, honu, Mauna Kea with telescopes and starts. (Rice)

Excellent use of nature, voyaging, and astronomy. Very artistic! (Laatsch)

3rd Place: Vyas S. Hale
Holualoa Elementary School, grade 4, Mrs. Haupert

Stars over Hawai`i – depicting Maui's fishhook (Scorpius) and a double hull canoe: the ancient navigation concept of traveling to reach land. Moving into the 21st century of observatories on Mauna Kea with the help of stars depicting the year 2012. (Pihana)

Love the way connected the starts. Pointing out the canoe & Scorpius (Maui's fish hook) and showing Mauna Kea. (Rice)

The Wa`a (canoe) constellation and Maui's fishhook were nicely incorporated with observatory and Mauna Kea. (Laatsch)

Grades 5 – 8 Winners

1st place: Wynter Ah Mow
Kealakehe Intermediate School, grade 6, Mr. Harlan

The idea of peeking into the past thru a telescope lens is so futuristic. Great visionary thinking! Fantastic idea! (Pihana)

Great concept of looking through a telescope and looking back through time at a voyaging canoe. Connecting cultural navigation to Mauna Kea. (Rice)

Looking through a telescope to see the past and the future! This design is elegant, and incorporates the voyager of the past and exploration of the observatories on top of Mauna Kea. (Laatsch)

2nd Place: Serena Usuda
Waiakea Intermediate School, grade 7

Very conspicuous art work of the three levels in Hawai`i – honu (turtle) and fish in the ocean, wao kanaka (dwelling of man), and `aina (land) and observatories on Mauna Kea – Very creative thinking! (Pihana)

Love the way connecting culture with modern science with navigation: canoe, telescopes, stars, and petroglyph people. Also showing different types of telescopes. Connecting three realms as well from sea level to the summit. Very well done. (Rice)

Woodcut/Silhouette design includes cultural petroglyphs, two types of observatories (submillimeter and optical telescopes) with canoe and nature. Thrilled to see people looking through telescopes on Mauna Kea and on canoe. Earth, sea, and sky: all represented well! (Laatsch)

3rd Place: Kaitlin Iwahashi
Waiakea Intermediate School, grade 6

Ocean, land, and starts – three levels of work with the Polynesian idea of navigation. Great combination of a voyage among and beyond the stars. (Pihana)

The message of "Voyage Among the Starts" is great and showing how we voyage on the ocean and navigate/voyage through the starts. (Rice)

Very nice message – Voyage Among the Starts – inspires exploration. Clean, beautiful design! (Laatsch)

Grades 9 – 12 Winners

1st place: Sky Ishibashi
Kamehameha High School, grade 11, Mrs. Gapero

21st century concept in 2012 of the present existence of the human race pointing into the future, with the support of early travelers in a canoe, Mauna Kea with observatories, and the starts above. (Pihana)

Nice perspective showing: a father is showing a child the stars looking towards the mountain and telescopes. Love incorporating the canoe and the starts. (Rice)

Past and present bridging by showing child and parent looking to the heavens, while canoe paddlers sail in foreground. Nice use of sky and observatory elements. (Laatsch)

2nd Place: Tiari Carreira
Kamehameha High School, grade 11, Mrs. Gapero

Terrific art of survival of the wekiu bug, `ahinahina (silversword plant), and the kanaka maoli (human) with a maile lei. Mauna Kea with an observatory and stars and mahina (the Moon) above. Great work! (Pihana)

Fantastic use of cultural content connected with modern observatory. Showing a Hawaiian youth, a wekiu bug, and silversword plant as well as the stars and the Moon. Very well done. (Rice)

Incorporates wekiu bug, silversword, maile leaves with observatories and wonderful spiral sky design. (Laatsch)

3rd Place: Yuriko Kurahashi
Waiakea High School, grade 12, Mrs. Kelly

Recognition of Hawaii's fauna – flowers and plants, ocean, waves and current, backdrop of Mauna Kea with observatories, comets, starts, and the Moon. They make up a complete design for a coin. (Pihana)

Nicely done connecting Mauna Kea, astronomy, telescopes, snow cap, flora and fauna as well as shooting stars. Good job! (Rice)

Beautiful use of flora with mountain and sky elements. Very artistic!! (Laatsch)

Special Award Winners

Humor Award: Charles Makana Lee
Kamehameha High School, grade 11, Mrs. Gapero

Important Cultural Message Award:
Kuileipualilia Aikau
Waimea Middle School, grade 6, Ms. Takamoto

Conceptual Design Award: Anna-Jane Ham
Kea`au High School, grade 12

Artistic Excellence Award: Tiana Honda
Waiakea High School, grade 11, Mrs. Kelly

Judges' comment: "See what's bugging you?" says the wekiu bug.

Judges' comment: Connecting from the heavens to the ocean realms. Explanations on back are great!

Judges' comment: Looking through a telescope is seeing past, present, and future.

Judges' comment: Modern design idea is mixed with traditional concepts. Lauhala weaving in the heavens represents ancestors. The picture tells its own story.