Mauna Kea Coin Contest 2013

1. Grades K-4

1st Place: Aion Kaneko

2nd Place: Phoebe Wyatt

3rd Place: Briani Iyo


E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 4, Mrs. Yamashita

Mountain to the sea, going into space, and beyond the stars – very good art work. (Pihana)

This design nicely incorporates Hawaiian elements with the observatories and space exploration themes. The person on the voyaging canoe with a telescope really caught our attention. (Laatsch)


E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 3, Mrs. Alba-Kuwahara

Very simple design depicting the ocean, land, observatories, and Hoku (stars) over Hawai‘i. (Pihana)

Simple and elegant design. We enjoyed the turtle and voyaging canoe along with observatory motif. It nicely represents the Big Island of Hawai‘i. (Laatsch)


Keaukaha Elementary School, grade 3, Mrs. Cann

Family sharing of Aloha to Muanakea, the stars in the heavens, and the future all in one coin drawing. (Pihana)

This entry warmed our hearts and we saw the Ohana looking toward the stars. It represents a bright future and a great sense of exploration. (Laatsch)

2. Grades 5-8

1st Place: Sonja Giardina

2nd Place: Alison Labiano

3rd Place: Romilly Benedict

E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 5, Mrs. De Mattos & Mrs. Ancheta

Looking into the future through a telescope with a young girl's eye. (Pihana)

Exploring the sky with a telescope, this female student is a shining example of what Maunakea should symbolize for all of our local students. The design is simple, yet very powerful in its meaning. (Laatsch)

Kea‘au Middle School, grade 8, Mrs. Cabatu

Connecting the stars and culture sending a message of the future using science. (Pihana)

Elegant way to combine modern explorations (telescopes) and Hawaiian culture (constellation petroglyphs) in a coin design. (Laatsch)

Waimea Middle School, grade 8

Beautiful to see the stars in the Hawaiian language. Mahalo for sharing your thoughts of exploration. (Pihana)

Showing Kekaomakali‘i (the bailer of Makali‘i) starline a nice way to show traditional voyaging and exploration of the skies. (Laatsch)

3. Grades 9-12

1st Place: David Veincent

2nd Place: Kain Kamalani Kawailima

3rd Place: Leslie Ann Vento-Rowe

Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

Very unique to present the past of the early discovery of Maunakea and today's concept of modern use of Hawai‘i’s land, sky and ocean. (Pihana)

Excellent way to show ancient and modern view of Maunakea and the Big Island of Hawai‘i. (Laatsch)

Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 12, Ms. Anderson

I like the idea of patterns, i.e., lau hala weaving to represent the Aina (the land), Poliahu (the summit of Maunakea) with a snow covered blanket, observatories, and the Moon in the sky. (Pihana)

Interesting use of tapa/weaving designs. (Laatsch)

Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS, grade 11, Ms. Anderson

Wonderful view of the past and present of Maunakea thru the eyes of a young artist. (Pihana)

Star trails with clouds show natural beauty of Maunakea. (Laatsch)

4. Special Awards

Humor Award: Jaiden Bettis

Humor Award: Anthornny Souliyalaovong

Intricate Design Award: Jordyn Mantz

Intricate Design Award: Kylee Kubojiri

Best Cultural Design Award: Jaydin Loo

E. B. de Silva Elementary School, grade 2, Mr. Yamaki

Judges' comment: 

Past, present, and future connections of Piko (the bellybuttons).

Pahoa Elementary School, grade 6, Ms. Kapsky

Judges' comment: 

The robot with a mountain looks like hair.

Kamehameha Middle School, Hawai‘i, grade 7, Mrs. Kirsch

Judges' comment: 

Terrific artistic concept from the past to present. Beautiful work.

Kamehameha Middle School, Hawai‘i, grade 7, Mrs. Kirsch

Judges' comment: 

Intricate design of the voyaging canoe, Hoku (stars), Mahina (the Moon), and Maunakea.

Kaumana Elementary School, grade 4, Mr. Hayashi

Judges' comment: Hawaiian Islands, the first petroglyph, Maui's fishhook, Kahili the banner, and a coconut tree are well drawn. Also Saturn, stars, comets, and observatories are combined and all items depict the discovery of Hawai‘i.