Useful Links

General links

Maunakea Observatories open letter

  • From the MK Observatories to the Scientific community, July 2019

Master Plans/Comprehensive Management Plans

  • Plans and their supporting studies, 2000-2010

Envision Maunakea report

  • Record of a community-based attempt to envision the future of Maunakea out to 100 years from now


  • Gender and diversity in the existing Maunakea Observatories

UHERO report

  • On the economic impact of astronomy in Hawaii

UH’s role on Maunakea

  • Archive of University of Hawaii news articles on Maunakea, TMT etc.

DLNR on Maunakea

  • Includes document archive from the TMT contested case

State of Hawai‘i, statements from The Governor

Imua TMT

  • Independent Pro-TMT website